In order to keep your Issa & Kendi shoes in good condition, We recommend the following general leather care:
 Please keep your shoes clean and dry using a dry soft cloth; store them in the dust bag provided.
 Always store your shoes away from light and heat, rain and moisture.
 Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.
 Use a good-quality leather, suede and fabric protector spray
The soles of your Issa & Kendi shoes are made from natural leather and will eventually wear down with usage. This is perfectly normal process and is in no way a quality issue with our shoes. We recommend you avoid walking on mud and any other wet earthy surface, as mud stains will be very difficult to remove.
Our shoes made with satin must be taken care of gently as satin is a delicate fabric. Please avoid contact with sharp or rough objects as this may cause damage to the satin. Please keep satin shoes away from liquids, as they may cause the satin to stain. In terms of cleaning satin a professional shoe cleaner can advise in this regard.
We recommend that you store your shoes in a clean, dry environment and in their care bags. Please note that for satin shoes with crystal embellishments, make sure the shoes are in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the satin so as not to cause tears or any other damage.
Please contact if you need any further